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Ultra Soft Knit

By combining premium acrylic yarn with a resilient polyester blend, we craft the epitome of softness while maintaining high-definition detail in our Ultra Soft Knit scarves.

With this innovative knit, we can produce a seven-color scarf in record time – faster than you can shout “GOAL!”

Immerse yourself in the unmatched softness of our Ultra Soft Knit Scarves, carefully crafted from high-quality acrylic and reinforced polyester. This blend not only ensures superior comfort but also offers a cozy, midweight fabric that’s perfect for maintaining warmth and style on game days and beyond. Each scarf feels ultra-soft and stretchy, providing both casual comfort and a premium fabric experience.


18cm x 156cm


High Quality Acrylic + Reinforced Polyester




Upto 3 Colors

Min Order


Max colors


Sampling Time

1 Week

Production Time

3-4 Weeks

Our Scarves...

Elevate your team’s spirit with our customizable Ultra Soft Knit Scarves, featuring up to seven vibrant colors and a double-sided design for versatile styling. Whether showcasing intricate logos or dynamic patterns, these scarves ensure your brand and team visuals are presented with clarity and impact. The freedom of movement in design lets you capture the essence of your team’s identity in every thread.

Enhance your brand visibility and foster customer loyalty with our Ultra Soft Knit Scarves, a stylish and functional choice for marketing. These customizable scarves allow you to display your logo and colors vividly, making them perfect for sports events, corporate gatherings, and promotional giveaways.

The double-sided design offers added versatility, allowing you to feature different messages or designs on each side, maximizing brand exposure.

By integrating these scarves into your marketing materials, you ensure your team or brand remains in the minds of your audience, promoting casual comfort and superior style at every display. Opt for Global Scarves to elevate your promotional efforts with a product that resonates with fans and customers alike.

Unparalleled Comfort with Premium, Cozy Fabric.

These scarves are not just about warmth; they also serve as a stylish statement piece that promotes your brand effectively.

Ideal for transitional weather, the smooth finish and semi-opaque fabric offer a sleek look while providing moisture-wicking comfort during those transit days to events or matches. Each scarf is crafted to allow for a snug, comfortable fit around the neck, doubling as a fashionable accessory and a beacon of team pride.

Our Ultra Soft Knit Scarves are synonymous with durability and style. Crafted with soft materials that resist pilling and fading, they ensure that each scarf remains vibrant and intact through countless wears and washes.

The detailed craftsmanship showcases your team or company logo with sharp precision, making each scarf a testament to quality and attention to detail.

Choosing Global Scarves means partnering with a leader in custom scarf production. We are committed to delivering designs that capture your brand or team’s unique spirit with efficiency and excellence.

Our quick sampling time and production schedule mean you’re always event-ready, ensuring your promotional items are delivered when you need them. Competitive pricing and exceptional customer service make Global Scarves the premier choice for custom scarves that resonate with fans and customers alike.

Our scarves offer unmatched opportunities for brand promotion, showcasing quality craftsmanship and style. Ideal for businesses and sports teams, these scarves can significantly elevate your brand visibility and connect with fans on a personal level.

If you’re ready to blend the traditional soccer scarf’s spirit with your brand’s unique identity, our Ultra Soft Knit Scarves are here to elevate your game. Contact us to explore the variety of custom scarves we offer and start designing your perfect scarf today.

Contact Global Scarves today to start designing a custom scarf that celebrates your identity in every stitch.

How to Order

1. Email us your ideas and team logo.

2. Select a design that our free design team draft up.

3. Get quotes for your design and let us handle the rest!