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Ultra Soft Knit

By combining premium acrylic yarn with a resilient polyester blend, we craft the epitome of softness while maintaining high-definition detail in our Ultra Soft Knit scarves.

With this innovative knit, we can produce a seven-color scarf in record time – faster than you can shout “GOAL!”

For those seeking custom team scarves adorned with intricate logos or images, the Ultra Soft Knit is your ultimate choice. Moreover, the option to select distinct designs for each side of the scarf adds versatility, allowing you to display your team spirit in multiple ways. This heavyweight scarf provides not only unwavering support for your team but also ensures warmth during chilly weather.


18cm x 156cm


High Quality Acrylic + Reinforced Polyester




Upto 3 Colors

Min Order


Max colors


Sampling Time

1 Week

Production Time

3-4 Weeks

How to Order

1. Email us your ideas and team logo.

2. Select a design that our free design team draft up.

3. Get quotes for your design and let us handle the rest!