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Discover the unparalleled range of personalized scarves at Global Scarves, setting the standard in the industry. Crafted in state-of-the-art facilities with materials synonymous with renowned soccer entities like USL, NPSL, WPSL and European football giants, our custom soccer scarves epitomize quality.

Unleash your creativity by designing your own team scarves, incorporating logos, text, and colors of your choice. Alternatively, entrust our design experts to fashion complimentary mockups tailored to your specifications.

When it comes to soccer scarves, customization reigns supreme. Personalize your scarf with your team’s insignia while selecting from a variety of knits, styles, and color palettes to match your individual style.

Explore Our Custom Scarf Collection

Our collection of personalized scarves is designed to set the standard in the sports scarf industry. Whether you’re rooting for your favorite soccer team or looking for a unique promotional item, our custom scarves offer an exceptional combination of style and spirit.

HD Woven

Our High-Definition Woven scarves stand out for their unparalleled level of detail among our acrylic scarf styles. These scarves strike a balance with a mid-weight profile, thinner compared to knitted scarves, yet boasting exceptional clarity and intricacy.

Traditional Jacquard Knit

Our classic jacquard knit soccer scarf stands as the epitome of our custom team scarf collection.
This style embodies the essence of the traditional “soccer scarf,” reminiscent of timeless fandom. While most logos can be faithfully reproduced using this knit technique, there are some limitations to consider.

Ultra Soft Knit

By combining premium acrylic yarn with a resilient polyester blend, we craft the epitome of softness while maintaining high-definition detail in our Ultra Soft Knit scarves.

Printed Summer Scarf

Crafted from a lightweight polyester blend, our Summer Scarf utilizes cutting-edge sublimated print technology to achieve unparalleled detail. With no restrictions on colors, these custom printed scarves effortlessly capture images ranging from people and landscapes to action shots.

HD Jacquard Knit

Our HD Jacquard Knit scarf utilizes the same jacquard knit technique as traditional scarves but employs a thinner thread gauge and tighter knit to capture intricate details with unparalleled clarity. Renowned as the pinnacle of resolution in jacquard knitted acrylic scarves, these scarves set the industry standard.

Eco Scarves

We offer a range of environmentally friendly scarves, Experience our eco-friendly sport scarves, expertly printed and knitted with sustainability in mind. Using recycled acrylic and cotton making these planet-friendly.

Why Choose Global Scarves?

At Global Scarves, we’re not just selling scarves; we’re weaving connections. Join us in celebrating every match, every event, and every community with a custom scarf that tells your unique story. Get started today and wrap yourself in the spirit of victory and unity!

Our custom soccer scarves are crafted in top-tier facilities, using materials that are the hallmark of renowned soccer leagues like the USL, NPSL, WPSL, and top European clubs. With the ability to fully personalize your scarf with team logos, vibrant colors, and text, these scarves are not just accessories, but powerful tools for team spirit and unity.

Unleash your inner designer by customizing your own scarf, or let our skilled designers assist you with free mockups tailored to your vision. Choose from a wide variety of styles, colors, and knits to create a truly personalized scarf that stands out in the crowd.

Our scarves are made with high-quality materials, including quality acrylic yarn and a variety of natural and poly fabrics, ensuring durability and comfort. Choose from an array of vibrant colors and detailed designs to match any team or corporate brand.

From soccer and football scarves to chic chiffon and luxurious silk options, the possibilities are endless. We offer customization down to the last stitch, ensuring that your scarf perfectly captures your unique spirit and brand message.

Ideal for sports teams, corporate events, and promotional gifts. Our customer service team is ready to assist you with any queries, and our quick delivery options ensure your scarves arrive just in time for the big game or event.

How to Order

1. Email us your ideas and team logo.

2. Select a design that our free design team draft up.

3. Get quotes for your design and let us handle the rest!


Please email our team for a free design request.