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5 Creative Ways to Tie a Scarf

5 Creative Ways to Tie a Scarf

When it comes to tying your scarf, there’s no real mystery to it. It really can be done however you want. Most people have their go-to method for securing it around their necks, maybe a double wrap, or a once… Read more

Custom Matchday Sports Scarf

Our Top 5 Soccer Team Scarf Styles

Looking for a custom soccer scarf? What kind? For which team? For what occasion? What colors? How many colors? Need a custom logo?These are all questions that are sure to come up after you decide to get a scarf in… Read more

American Outlaw - Global Scarves

American Outlaws

The American Outlaws, a US National Team supporters group, has various chapters all across the country, and these chapters show time and again that they want to choose Global Scarves for all of their custom soccer scarf needs.The American Outlaws,… Read more

Musician Scarves

Musician Scarves

Scarves may seem like they’re strictly a soccer thing, but outside of this realm, they are the ideal branding and marketing tool.A scarf is a unique piece of merchandise that stands your fans out from others who have just t-shirts… Read more

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