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Looking for a custom soccer scarf? What kind? For which team? For what occasion? What colors? How many colors? Need a custom logo?

These are all questions that are sure to come up after you decide to get a scarf in support of your favorite team. After all, a customized team scarf is the true icon of support, so you had better put at least a little bit of thought into it, right? Luckily, Global Scarves specializes in a few different styles, so you can customize your scarf for just about any sort of match. Here are the Top 5 Team scarf styles GS is working with:

Traditional knit:

The traditional knit scarf is otherwise known as the classic soccer scarf among its widespread wearers. Seen and used by supporters from all over, this type of scarf has been adorned with just about every team logo and been worn in just about every major soccer stadium across the world. Simple yet elegant, these scarves are the true icon of support.

Tight knit Scarf:

The tight knit scarf is a newer type of scarf that’s grown in popularity in recent years. The tight knit scarf can feature more colors than the traditional knit, but the main reason tight-knits have become so popular is because they allow for a higher level of detail for logos or other intricate designs your group may have.

Summer Scarf:

The Summer soccer scarves are perfect for fans in warm weather climates! These lightweight polyester scarves are an awesome way to support your favorite team without getting too overheated. However, the absolute best part of light-weight scarves is that they’re printed and not knit! This means that available colors and intricacy of designs are totally unlimited.

Split logo Scarf:

The split logo knit scarf is a very popular look for team supporters nowadays. With this style your logo gets split in half on both ends of the scarf. However, when worn, the scarf displays a massive version of your logo across your entire body, giving a stylized sophistication to this classic garment.

Matchday scarf:

The matchday soocer scarf is a great way to commemorate a big match. It also doubles as a wonderful souvenir to remember the day. Typically, the matchday scarf shows both teams, one on each half of the scarf, with the date (and sometimes the scoreline) knitted right in! These scarves are carefully made and well-knit to create a pristine and unique commemorative item that’ll last for as long as your memories of the day.

No matter what sort of match you’re headed to, Global Scarves can create you a custom team scarf that completely outshines that of your rivals. We believe in quality first and foremost; all of our scarves are created, whether printed or knit, with absolute care and the utmost attention to detail. But, that doesn’t mean we don’t think about quantity as well. If you need just a few scarves for your close-knit group of supporters, of your need scarves for the entire team, there’s little reason you should look anywhere other than Global Scarves. Simply put, when it comes to team scarves, we do it all. Contact us today to learn more!

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