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School fundraising is more than just raising money; it’s about nurturing the school community, creating a sense of unity, and generating extra money for vital school programs. In this expansive guide, we’ll cover a wide variety of school fundraising ideas.

A stall selling custom scarves for fundraising next to an American football pitch

Take Your School Spirit To The Next Level!

1. Online Fundraising with Custom Scarves

Kick-off with an online fundraising campaign! This method, tapping into the convenience of online donation, allows the school community to participate from anywhere. A well-organized online fundraiser can bring in hundreds, even thousands of dollars while strengthening the school community bond.

2. Discount Cards for School Supplies and More

Sell discount cards for school supplies and local businesses. This simple fundraiser is perfect for schools looking to offer practical value to the school community while raising extra money. Repeatedly promoting these cards on social media platforms to maximize reach.

3. School Picnic with a Global Scarves Booth

Organize a school picnic as a fun event for elementary school students and their families. Charge a small entry fee and set up a booth where custom scarves and other school merchandise are sold. This exciting event can easily become a tradition, bringing the school community together for a day of joy!

4. Pajamas to School Day and Book Swap

Host a ‘Pajamas to School’ day, charging students a fee to participate. Pair this fun event with a book swap or sale, encouraging reading and raising funds. Use social media platforms to create excitement and boost participation.

Students sit on the floor of a gymnasium on blankets wearing scarves in front of a drop down screen that says "school movie night"

Warm Up Your School This Winter!

5. Bake Sale and Cookie Dough Sales

A bake sale, conducted once or twice, is a classic fundraiser idea for schools. Enhance it with a cookie dough sale, offering a variety of flavors. This combination can be a significant source of extra money, especially when advertised through social media platforms.

6. Movie Night in the School Gym

Host a movie night in the school gym, charging entrance fees for an exciting event. Sell custom scarves and snacks to add to the fun. Such events can raise considerable money for schools and are always a hit with students.

7. School Dances with Custom Scarves

Organize school dances, charging admission to create an unforgettable night. Include custom scarves as part of the ticket sales, appealing to both the fun and fashion sense of students. School dances are great fundraisers for schools, especially when combined with engaging themes.

8. Sports Games and Merchandise Sales

Capitalize on the excitement of sports games by selling custom scarves and other merchandise. Charge admission for these games and set up a merchandise booth. It’s a fantastic way to raise thousands of dollars and boost school spirit.

A teacher covered in pie cream sat with his head and hands in stocks while several college age students stand around laughing

Take Your School Spirit To the Next Level

9. School Sleepover and Activities Night

Plan a school sleepover in the gym, charging admission for an exciting event filled with activities, video challenges, and board games. This unique event for students can be a major draw, especially when promoted through social media platforms.

10. Crowdfunding Campaign for Special Projects

Launch a crowdfunding campaign for special school programs. Utilize social media platforms to reach a wider audience and involve the entire school community. Crowdfunding is an effective way to raise a significant amount of money for schools.

11. Principal Challenge and Event Ticket Sales

Organize a Principal Challenge – a fun event where the principal takes on a humorous or challenging task if certain fundraising goals are met. Charge students entry tickets to witness this fun event, adding to the school’s fundraising efforts.

12. Comprehensive Social Media Campaigns

Use social media platforms to promote every fundraising event, from bake sales and movie nights to custom scarf sales and discount cards. A robust social media presence can dramatically increase participation and success in fundraising campaigns.

a young man handing out flyers for a bake fundraiser in a school corridor

From traditional bake sales to innovative online fundraising, these ideas for schools offer a wide variety of ways to raise money for important causes. By taking an active role in organizing these events, schools can not only raise essential funds but also strengthen their community bonds. With Global Scarves, you add a unique element to your fundraisers, ensuring they are as memorable as they are successful.

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