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This the season to be… wearing a corporate holiday scarf! If you didn’t already know that scarves are the coolest way to stay warm, well then you haven’t been outside lately. Custom scarves aren’t just fashionable, they also keep you toasty during the chilly months. Whether you’ve always wanted custom scarves with your company’s logo embroidered on, or you’ve never contemplated the thought until now, there are a lot of possibilities they could be used for with your business. We’ve outlined some excellent ideas for how to design your corporate scarves for maximum engagement:

Who & Where

The first step in considering the best way your company scarves could be used is to think about who could be potentially wearing them, where they would wear them, and where they’d get them in the first place.

Corporate scarves are a great way to engage with your current market. A free scarf is something everyone can appreciate, especially around this time of year. It’s also a scientific fact* that a person can never have enough scarves! They are fashion accessories, so even if people have a few already, there’s always room for another.

Say thank you to your customers this season for their business. Give them a scarf with their next purchase or, if they’re subscribers or repeat buyers, send them a holiday gift in the form of a well-produced scarf. Another idea is that if you’re doing any winter trade shows this year, perhaps the first hundred or so people that come to your booth will get a free scarf.  Promotional scarves don’t have to be just for customers. You can have separate designs made especially for employees to give them as holiday gifts, part of a way to say thank you for all their hard work this year. And if you’re hosting a holiday party this season, those scarves would be a great addition to the celebration.

It’s always more fun to be a part of a team. Entice a little friendly competition within the company this season. Perhaps a division of your business wants to come together and strive to surpass their goals for the quarter, or outdo another division. Having matching scarves constructed can take this element of teamwork up to the next level while creating a fun, competitive atmosphere with other branches of your company. If you want to focus the competition outside of the organization, get your staff together to join a winter sports club. Your new team will certainly need matching scarves to wear during game days.


Now that you’ve figured out who your company holiday scarves are for and where people will be getting them, it’s time for the design. What will your custom business scarf look like, after all?

The most important thing when creating custom corporate scarves is having your company name or logo on it. However, when coming up with the design, think about who will be wearing it and what their relationship is with your company. Assess how much your customers identify with your business. Do they use your product often, and does your brand make a statement they empathize with? For example, the customers of beer companies often like to flaunt the logo of their favorite brew. It’s a brand they identify with, and they want others to know it. If you’re a mortgage broking firm, perhaps your customers don’t desire to flaunt your logo to the same degree, but then again, maybe they do, it’s up to you to gauge. In the latter case, you’ll still want your logo on the scarf, but maybe in a more subtle manner, while focusing on the design or pattern primarily.

Or, why not take the opposite approach. Instead of making the best looking, coolest company scarf around, embrace the holiday tradition and design an ugly Christmas corporate scarf! Seriously, why not make your custom business scarf just as gaudy and tacky as that old present from grandma that was by far the most memorably disappointing gift of your childhood. Christmas trees, snowmen, reindeer, bright red and green with snowflake patterns, there’s endless combinations to resurrect those sadly classic visual catastrophes of the past. Besides, didn’t you know that ugly sweater parties are all the rage of 2015? We might sound like we’re kidding because this example is a little more on the risky side, but we think it’s a hilariously fashionable and seasonally appropriate idea. Doing the opposite of what everyone else is will have you stand out; a cliched approach rarely gets attention. Something that is original and comedic can grab people’s focus and give your brand a whole new meaning. Ugly corporate holiday scarves passed out to your staff at the holiday party this year could be the big hit that everyone’s talking about on Monday.

If you’re looking for more of a conservative approach, there are lots of choices for simple patterns and arrangements. Some patterns to consider are solid color schemes, argyle, or stripped, either lengthwise or across. You can get as creative as you want with your design, or just give our representative your thoughts and get their help in coming up with options. Our expert staff will walk you through every step of the way.


The why of a corporate scarf is because it’s winter time (in other words, it’s freezing outside!), it’s the holidays, and scarves are fun accessories that anyone can wear. Plus, if they’re worn around town, they become cool, fashionable, walking advertisements for your business.


The how, of course, is Global Scarves. We offer a free expert design service for any of your desires. We’ll work closely with you to develop the perfect custom company scarf for your wishes. We can have your order completed within 72 hours. Contact us today to inquire about your company holiday scarves and how they can save the population from chilly necks.

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