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In the past, sports team scarves have mostly been used for matches or showing support for a local team. However, those same scarves are being used as more fashion-friendly attire than just for the game. A few months ago, Vogue featured an article highlighting how the futbol scarf trend made its way to the runway during the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week show. Inspired by these events, we’ve outlined 8 ways you can be fashionable with your team neck garment this winter outside of the stadium.


We find custom sports scarves couple well with peacoats. Put on a great pair of jeans, some classy shoes, a peacoat, and your vibrant team scarf will brighten up this casual, chic look.

Trench Coat

Even a businessman on his way to Wall Street can support his favorite team while keeping warm. Adding a custom scarf to your winter trench coat over a suit is the perfect way to mix function, business, and pleasure.

Business Casual

Are you running out of ties to wear at the office? Change up your look with a scarf and swap out your tie altogether. Keep a couple of buttons lose at the top of your dress shirt and ditch the tie for a day. Replace it with your favorite team’s scarf to stay warm and cool (looking).

Leather Jacket

A sports scarf can balance out the rugged appearance of a leather jacket. Throw a scarf on and not only are you kept extra snug, but you’ve just spiced up your outfit in a creative and unique way.

Jean Jacket

Jean jackets were all the rage in the 80’s, and they’ve made quite the comeback to wardrobes these days. We recommend wearing some dark pants and a bright and colorful team scarf with your jean jacket to give your outfit a little fashion friendly clash.


It’s become fashionable to wear a blazer with more than a just suit, and now it’s becoming trendy to rock a soccer scarf on top of that. Whether you’re wearing jeans and a turtleneck, or slacks and button down, you can sport a blazer with a scarf to keep extra toasty and give your look some flair.

Sweat Shirt

You can dress down with a scarf just as easily. Combine a team scarf to stay casual and heated in the cold weather. The hoods of sweatshirts often do well keeping your neck warm, but you can still use a scarf just to add that extra layer or just to enhance your laid-back look and show team support.


No jacket, no problem. A team scarf goes nice with a sweater or even a long sleeve shirt. Sometimes it’s not cold enough for a jacket, but just chilly to the point of wearing a great looking sweater and a scarf for added protection.

Now that you’ve gotten your winter 2016 wardrobe ready, all that’s missing is your team’s scarf. Global Scarves can create you a custom scarf for your favorite sport that combines well with your winter garments while showing your support. Our highest priority is creating the finest, best quality scarf, whether it’s printed or knit, so you can be sure it’ll be a spectacular match for everything from your most exceptional outfits to your soccer hooligan gear. If you need just a couple for close friends and fans, or scarves for the whole team, Global Scarves has you covered. Contact us today to learn more!

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