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Scarves are often synonymous with winter fashion accessories, or sports-fan paraphernalia, and they do a great job in both of those departments. Among the more uncommon uses, however, our favorite custom scarf idea is using them for your business. Scarves are fun accessories that can spice up worker’s outfits, keep them warm, and benefit the company. Here are 7 reasons why you must have corporate scarves for your employees.

1. Team Spirit

There’s a reason the great warriors of ancient history such as the Spartans or samurais would dress in matching uniforms. It wasn’t just to tell each other apart from their enemy, it also created a bond and sense of unity among the soldiers. The same goes for sports teams we see today. Teams often play better when they feel good in a great looking uniform; they experience a deeper connection to one another gearing up for and during the big games. It’s not much different in the business world. We might not be heading out to wage battle with our competitors, but we are working together as a company for the common goals of the business. Supplying employees with matching company scarves can give them a feeling of comradery with their co-workers, increasing synergy and productivity. If people feel like they’re working for something greater than themselves they’ll likely do a better job, and put in more focused attention on their tasks.

2. Pride of Work

Your employees likely enjoy what they do and take their work seriously. Their career is something that they take pride in and want to discuss with others. With a company scarf, it’s a great conversation piece for them to wear outside work. If employees get to discuss openly with friends and acquaintances what they do and why they love it, it will only reinforce positive work habits and more investment in the business.

3. Creates Sense of Belonging

Everyone wants to belong to something; as humans, we’re social creatures who naturally gravitate towards groups. Providing personalised football scarves gives your employees a sense of belonging and community. The gesture of providing them with a custom scarf to keep warm acknowledges employee’s presence and hard work, and it’s a way of showing them they’re accepted. Who doesn’t want to work in an environment where they feel like they belong?

4. Promotes Your Business. 

Everyone loves a nice scarf. Your employees can wear these out around town during the cold weather. While they’re sporting their scarves, they’ll also be promoting your business in public. Free advertising never hurt anyone.

5. Shows Appreciation

Your employees will appreciate the gesture of a nice, knit scarf to keep them warm during the winter. Showing them little signs of acknowledgement go a long way, and people often reciprocate by giving back more than what they feel they’ve been given in the form of dedication and work performance.

6. Retain the Best Employees

Great companies don’t just seek out great people, they attract and retain them be creating a magnetic company culture. Providing your employees with corporate scarves is a small gesture, but these type of acts add up and make a long-term impact. Company scarves are just one way to show your gratitude for employees, and if you make this kind of appreciation a practice, people will want to stay with your company or leave an unappreciative boss to work for you. Little efforts can go a long way.

7. Create Fun

Dale Carnegie once said, “People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.” We couldn’t agree with this statement more, and it’s wise to promote this type of attitude throughout your company. People love working at a place they enjoy, and supplying team scarves for everyone in the business can be a fun expression, creating a ripple effect of positive attitudes throughout.

Supplying your employees with business scarves is a great step, but it won’t do any good unless they look and feel great. Contact Global Scarves today and find out how we can get you the best looking and highest quality scarves, custom designed and printed in small or large quantity, for any size of business.

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