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Winter is fast approaching, and you know what that means, playoff fever is in the air! For soccer fans, this can be one of the most savored times of the year. The seasonal showdown is a perfect excuse for fanatics to get warmed up while displaying support for their favorite futbol club during scarf weather. Here are five reasons that beanies and scarves for your local team are the best way for supporters to stay toasty and show their passion for the MLS playoffs!

1 – The playoffs can get cold

In many areas, the playoffs represent that time when the leaves have started turning color and gently recess from the trees, indicating the advancement towards winter. Depending on where you live, this could mean mild temperature changes, or, for many of our Northern clients, that the arctic-like chill has already begun. Beanies and scarves for teams in you area are an ideal motivator for fans to get cozy and demonstrate their support.

Despite how heated the matches may get, the weather this time of year won’t often reflect the state of the action. It’s likely your team’s fans will be rallying at matches in frigid climates. Dressing warm doesn’t have to be a chore, it should be a delight. With custom knit soccer hats and scarves for winter, spectators will be ready for any game in any condition.

2 – Nothing Gets Fans More Excited than the Playoffs

The playoffs are the most exciting time of the season. A chance for your team to perhaps become crowned as Champions. It’s an occasion for people to put their differences aside and unify with the others townsfolk. If your city has the honor of being in the playoffs, the atmosphere is palatable with excitement; banners line the streets, townies sport their favorite player’s jersey multiple days in a row, and fans have gathered together in swarms to cheer on the local soccer club.

The commotion often catches on to those who aren’t among the regular fan group. Soon, supporting the local team becomes the ‘in’ thing to do, and strapping on some branded gear is like joining a giant, overly-enthralled family. Many people will be buying fan-based garnishments for their first time, searching for a combination of clothing that looks good, is functional, and warm. Serve your growing community of ecstatic fans with adequate apparel such as team beanies and scarves for winter.

3 – Gift Season

While the playoffs are one of the best times to rock some cold-weather, soccer accessories, it’s also appropriate for after the season. The drama of the sports year climaxes just as people are getting settled into the holidays. The exhilarating, athletics-induced closure to fall is still fresh in everyone’s minds as winter engulfs the city and attention shifts from glory-seeking to gift-hunting. Local team items for friends and family make excellent holiday gifts.

4 – Keeping the Kids Warm

The playoffs are a great time to get the family together and have fun at the games. If this includes little ones, you inevitably want to take care of their protection from the elements. The first line of defense from the cool temperature is to protect their heads and neck from the weather. A team supporting beanie and scarf is an adorable way to keep your children cozy while showing love for your organization.

5 – Comfort is King

Every fan plays an integral part in the playoff games for their home team, especially those at the match. The organized battle cries, songs and chants that erupt from the stands, infusing power into the players and simultaneously intimidating their opponents, are no easy task. All that work requires some significant energy. Any distraction or uncomfortableness from improper dress can reduce the fan’s ability to fulfill their role. Not to mention it makes the game less enjoyable. In more extreme temperatures, fans want to be comfortable to support their team. Enable them to fulfill their duties and happily last throughout the whole match with custom embroidered beanies and scarves.

Get ready for scarf weather! We wish your local team the best of luck this year and want you and your fans to be as prepared as possible. We make custom made scarves for teams from all over, and would love to support you and your city. Whether you need a few items for a group of fans or are stocking up for a retail sale, Global Scarves is ready to fulfill your needs. Contact us today to learn more!

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