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When it comes to tying your scarf, there’s no real mystery to it. It really can be done however you want. Most people have their go-to method for securing it around their necks, maybe a double wrap, or a once around with a knot. Either way, you know how to tie a scarf. However, If you’ve ever gotten bored with the same way of tying your scarves, then you’re in luck, because we’re sharing our five favorite creative ways to tie a scarf.

The Chest Warmer

This method works well with longer personalised scarves, is great for cooler weather and usually is worn with a coat. Drape the scarf around the back of your neck, cross the ends over your chest, wrapping opposite ends around your waist, and tying them behind your back. The scarf will protect your neck and have some extra warmth on your torso. Put your coat over the scarf and you’re set.

Parisian Knot

The Parisian knot is also meant for longer length scarves. Fold your scarf in half, then drape over the back of your neck so the folded end hangs over one shoulder and the two ends on the other. Simply put the two loose ends through the opening and pull it snug around your neck. Done. This knot is good for colder weather as it protects your whole neck.

The Reverse Drape Cross

For freezing weather, this way to tie your scarf is great. Drape the scarf over the back of your neck, letting the end on your right hang much lower down your chest than the left end. Take the longer end and wrap it across the front of your neck all the way around your neck until it hangs over your right shoulder again. tie the two ends in a knot in front.

Four In Hand

This knot is more of a commitment. If you foresee being out in the cold for extended periods, it works wonders as it adds maximum protection. Fold your scarf in half so the two ends are touching. Drape the scarf around your neck so that the folded end is hanging over your right shoulder, and the two loose ends are on your left shoulder. Put one end, we’ll call this end A, through the loop that’s hanging over your right shoulder. Make sure there’s space between A, and the end of the loop. Place end B through the loop, but from the opposite direction, and then pull both ends down so that it secures around your neck and creates a criss cross with the loop.

The Fake Knot

Another knot for very cold weather. Fold the scarf over the back of your neck, with the right end hanging down lower than the left in front of your chest. Tie a loose knot about halfway down on the right side of your scarf. Place the left end through the knot and pull the two ends tight around your neck.

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