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Global Scarves - The True Icon of Support

  • The leading custom soccer scarf providers

    in the United States and Canada

    Global Scarves is one of the leading custom soccer scarf providers in the United States and Canada. Our scarves have been used across many leagues including Major League Soccer (MLS), the National American Soccer League (NASL), United Soccer League (USL), youth clubs at all age levels, high schools, hockey teams, corporate events and independent breweries.


  • Passion for the industry

    The true icon of support

    Global Scarves is run by soccer and brewery supporters. We combine our passion for the industry with our high quality products to give you the ‘TRUE ICON OF SUPPORT’

    Our team has many years of experience in producing high quality knitted custom scarves for a wide range of industries. All of our scarves are produced in-house. Nothing gets sub-contracted which means we can offer the best prices by cutting out the middle man.

    We’ve grown from a small family business into an international company selling to all corners of the world, we really do put the word Global into Global Scarves!

  • When did it all begin?

    1973 to be precise! Originally, Peter Foster started a family run printing promotional company, but over the years was inundated with requests for custom knitted scarves. This made Peter change his game plan and he moved the company’s future into dealing directly with the sports market.

  • Family Roots

    Peter’s grandson Alan joined his sports business in 2005 after completing college studying business and finance. His drive for perfection in all areas soon helped the family business grow even more. Soon Alan was able to set up his own company within the USA with Bill Kristian. That’s when Global Scarves was born! Bill teamed up with Alan and formed Global Scarves in the Seattle area, and ever since then Global has created an excellent reputation for custom football/soccer scarves.

  • A move in the right direction!

    Global Scarves is a fun hard working team and considers itself as the main player in the custom scarf market, while still retaining a personal relationship with its clients, which is our number one priority. Based in Seattle, we’re a business with big ideas to always keep on top of customer’s requirements.

  • So, what’s the secret?

    There isn’t one! It comes down to having a dedicated and fully trained team that takes pride in all that they do, and a culture that can only be found in a family run company. We run a wide range of machinery along with high quality control on all of our products. The rest is down to pride and commitment to our customers.

    Please feel free to contact us, and we look forward to working with you on your next project.

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